YUNG (Youth United For Nation's Growth )is a government registered NGO which was started on 10th July 2019 with 3 like-minded youths who took the initiative to make an NGO and work together to serve others with no discrimination. The main motive of the youth is to promote and support education and organise awareness programs about peace, education, safety, justice, equality and to protect and preserve the Indian culture. We will mix the children and people of different communities and different culture together and establish a peaceful environment. We will try to fight against the prevailing evils of society such as gender discrimination and include the disable people with us and not separate them as another team. We will aware the people of their human rights and work to develop economic empowerment and make the people capable to understand peace and conflict. Through our trainings our main focus is to bring out the hidden skills and talents of each and every citizen of the country with equity and with the view of humanity and organise the people to form units in order to unite into a big umbrella to fight against the prevailing world issues and provide solutions and new reforms and resolutions for a peaceful country.

Our Belief To bring out the skills of every citizen from different backgrounds, culture, nationalities, religion by including them in a common field where we stand for no discrimination against any caste, creed, sex and equal opportunities for all


Our Mission

Enhance Citizens capacity | Social Justice and Life of Dignity | Existence of a country that respect Humanity | To Give them Opportunities to realize their potential & Skills.

Our Vision

You the Young people who will make the Nation Young again, we the main objective of nation and Our Main objectives for Nation.

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