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Terms & Policies

Constitutional Policies of YUNG Foundation

YUNG (Youth United For Nation's Growth )is a government registered NGO which was started on 10th July 2019 with 3 like-minded youths who took the initiative to make an NGO and work together to serve others with no discrimination. The main motive of the youth is to promote and support education and organize awareness programs about peace, education, safety, justice, equality and to protect and preserve the Indian culture. We will mix the children and people of different communities and different cultures together and establish a peaceful environment. We will try to fight against the prevailing evils of society such as gender discrimination and include the disable people with us and not separate them as another team. We will make awareness about Human rights and work to develop economic empowerment and make the people capable to understand peace and conflict. Through our trainings our main focus is to bring out the hidden skills and talents of each and every citizen of the country with equity and with the view of humanity and organize the people to form units in order to unite into a big umbrella to fight against the prevailing world issues and provide solutions and new reforms and resolutions for a peaceful country.

1. Be attentive of your Role and responsibilities, it will be monitored.

2. People need to attend monthly meetings. If 3 meetings are not joined by any member then the members holding the house have to report the board members.

3. The process is there For New Joining Member and it has to followed by each member who is giving reference for them to enroll in organisation.

4. Everyone should be treated equally. There's no senior or junior when we are on ground. Equality keeps us closer to achieve our goals.

5. Any new joining members need to attend and participate in 3 ground campaigns and after that they can be the official member of YUNG.

6. The President has the power and responsibility to appoint the Board members directly.

7. We need to pay the Monthly Fund Amount on time for maintenance.

8. The Management Committee ensures that everything the organization does supports its vision, purpose and aims. They establish the fundamental values, the ethical principles and strategic direction in which the organization operates.

9. Any sensitive content regarding the information of YUNG must not be shared. Any photographs/videos of any campaigns must not be shared before the official post has been made. Any vital information discussed in meetings must not be leaked. This violation is punishable.

10. Discipline is one of the important key for YUNG. Any negative or harmful behavior towards the organisation affects your role & responsibility. It will be strictly entertained.

11. Damage and security towards YUNG image is in the hands of each member. Any property damage, physical damage or inconvenience caused to the organisation or its members is punishable.


12. If a dispute arises among the members it shall be notified to the Board members specifically and the matter must be resolved in a constructive manner where solutions shall lead to positive changes. The matter must strictly remain confidential among the board members and must not be shared with any other team members or shall be discussed outside the organisation.

13. It is prohibited to use YUNG property for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. The President and board members must be informed before for any use of the property official.

14. Any violation against the policies of YUNG is punishable along with termination. Unmatched ideologies, constant conflict between members , controversial and barbaric behavior towards the members and YUNG shall not be entertained and will be removed immediately.

15. Any negative comments or behavior towards caste, community , religion, sex or individuality shall be look down upon and necessary actions will be taken.

16. Expense that YUNG will provide for traveling :- 20km distance - "taxi or local travel " must be taken, more than 20 km or under 100 km distance "sleeper coach " or " second seating" condition shall be taken depending on day or night. More than 100km or under 1000 km "3 Ac or sleeper " shall be taken. Flights shall be taken if more than 1000 km distance will be covered.

17. For any FUND related queries given by any member of YUNG a short request notice must be submitted through mail to the concerned department i.e the Treasurer ( Shafiq Khan). The Data will be provided of the donation given by CONCERNED INDIVIDUAL ONLY.

18. Equal opportunities are to be given to each and every member of YUNG. Roles and responsibilities will be appointed to the members according to their ability and skills they hold.

19. Any conflict or complaint against the member of YUNG , proofs & evidence must be submitted to the concerned board through Email . No conversation must be done in the official YUNG group but must be informed and acknowledged personally to the board members. No messages and action must be taken unless the review of complaint has been done by the board members. Unless any response has been given by the board members the conflict must be at hold.

20. Any involvement of third person their ID's , profile and the matter must be kept confidential and not to be shared by any member of YUNG. Strict actions must be taken against any individual trying to pass on the information and creating any kind of conflict.

21. No consumption of alcohol or smoking will be tolerated during the meetings, campaigns or event of YUNG.

22. No photos & videos must be posted in any social media account without the logo of YUNG ( Include logo to corner of Subject not on Blank Background ).

23. We have the right to claim copyright if any content is posted through copy & paste from the official YUNG website.

24. Official page of YUNG should not be tagged in any unnecessary posts or videos.

25. All the members must be updated with YUNG official page and must do the needful tag, upload , share & comment positively.

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