Menstrual hygiene is one of the most important, yet neglected, health issues in the developing world.They should be aware of it and not consider it as a disease.

Team YUNG has been focusing on their mission since the lockdown started- to end hunger through the nutritious meals and safe sanitation for women. There's a lack of awareness about women's health in India, mostly due to the taboos and superstitions associated with female genital hygiene and menstruation. These taboos consign female to the extent that women in most suburban and rural areas reuse old pieces of cloth during menstruation.

Action Plan : YUNG FOUNDATION have decided to add one more plan to this initiative that is to distribute sanitary napkins to the homeless and needy women. They need our support. Your one donation can ensure safety and sanitization to the underprivileged girls and women.

Our motive is to create awareness about maintaining hygiene and educate women.

( #HungerFreeCampaignTillLockdown #DistributionOfSanitaryNapkinsToWomen #YUNGFoundation #Kolkata #FightAgainstCoronaVirus )

YUNG Writer : Rafia Nasir

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