Hunger Free Campaign-Kolkata

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

A Hunger-Free Campaign is a campaign where one ensures that no human being spends a day without having adequate amount of food to eat. It is an initiative taken for a cause of humanity.

A Bunch of Young Adults are Out Feeding the Needy.A group of 15 young adults of the YUNG Foundation have taken up the initiative to feed the needy and homeless people on the streets of Kolkata during this lockdown caused due to COVID-19. These people are trying to bring about a change in our country (starting from Kolkata) by lending a helping hand and instilling hope in people that they are not alone during such a pandemic.

I'm sure that after reading this article more and more people will be motivated and be generous enough to help the people who are really in need right now.

The motto of the Team is to make sure that no one goes to bed empty stomach, and to make this happen it is very important that the members helping stay fit too. They are keeping in mind all the safety precautions such as using sanitizer, wearing gloves, covering their mouth and nose with masks and wearing a cap to protect themselves from this scorching weather. As it is very important to avoid social gatherings and big groups, they are working on alternative days in a division of two groups. They make sure that while one group is taking rest at their respective homes, the other group is out feeding the needy, and the next day vice versa.

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YUNG Writer : Sanjana Chettri

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