Youth Experiencing Hunger Free Campaign

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

We are here to share our experience about campaign held by YUNG foundation, "HUNGER FREE CAMPAIGN" which was started on the 29th of March and will go on till the lockdown is over. We have experienced both positive and negative attitude of people towards us. It was a totally new experience for each one of of us here working as a team.In a day we serve minimum 150 to 250 people (max). We provide them with nutritious food that is :- Rice , Dal , mixed vegetables , boiled eggs. We also add fruits like watermelon once or twice a week. We also feed the road side animals like dogs , cats and cows snuggling for food with biscuits and rice . Our mission is to serve them the best of our capabilities and to cover more areas as much as we can within a short period of time . Many people have taken initiatives and came forward to help snd support us from all kind of donations , rations and basic necessities . Our team is very grateful to each one of them for their contribution and help in such a crucial time.

Some people from our own locality are judging us for our good work and trying to pull us down from spreading rumours but all this rumours and de-motivation does not stop us from doing our work. Humanity teaches us that it is our duty to help others . We get inspired day by day and by doing this work we are trying to inspire more and more people around us to take the initiative.

During the "HUNGER FREE" campaign During the "HUNGER FREE" campaign we are also spreading awareness of Covid -19 which is a very deadly virus. A virus that shook the whole world, approximately 27,36,979 people are affected and 1,92,125(approx) died due to this and there are many who recovered as well. There is no vaccine till date so while stepping out we take strict precautions and try our best to follow the rules of maintaining social distance , basic hygiene, each one of us wear the face mask and hand gloves , we use the hand sanitisers frequently. All this was not so easy when we started the campaign, we had gone through many problems as the resources such as sanitisers and gloves were out of stock in the chemist shop. We are the youth and we are raising our voice and spreading awareness of covid-19 during this campaign and teaching the people all the basic rules to be followed in this pandemic situation. We are also distributing soaps, we teach them how to use hand sanitizers and how to maintain hygiene. At first people were not listening to us they were not ready to maintain social distance but as we daily aware them about the virus and how we should maintain social Distance and no close contact they try to follow our rules. We are vocal enough now to make them understand and they now listen to us and follow the rules . We also take good care of our teams health and we shift our presence every alternate days. We are very strict with our rules and we are very happy to be the part of this foundation.

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YUNG Writer : Roshni Rao

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